"Cast of Roles"

Diba Ayten Yilmaz (04.04.2007)

Translated from Turkish to English by Dogan Cetin

Along our humanity experience ongoing for thousands of years, we experienced various roles with lots of different beings. At the end of a life, at the spiritual dimension, the new roles are distributed and we are asked to play our roles in the best way when we revived. And during we are playing our roles we are asked to learn and continue to develop spiritually by gaining experience.

I say cast of roles because I name the world as “stage” and spiritual dimension as “backstage”. Spirit groups are just like the cast in a theatre cast, sharing the stage with the same people with different roles in every different play.  We come to the stage, changing appearance each time, with a new stage design and a new scenario.

Then how good do we play our roles?
Naturally we come to Earth with the spiritual, mental and physical tracks of our previous revival. Therefore we sometimes can have tough relationships with our mother – father, and siblings.

A young woman who was a reiki and yoga teacher wasn’t able to find solutions to fights with her mother. When we started our past life therapy studies, she understood that they were together in the same family in few of her past lives, sometimes as mother – child, sometimes as siblings. There were fights and anger in all of their previous relationships. However the meaning of being mother and daughter in this life was to show respect and understanding to each other and learn to get along well.

A young lady has found herself in a past life as a boy who was abandoned by his father when he was a child and had a tough life full of anger. In her current life her father didn’t take care of her again and abandoned her mother and siblings some time later and went away.

She met a man at an age of her father when she was a young girl and married him being impressed by his fatherly energy and his attention. They could only stand the failing relationship only for few years and divorced after they had a daughter. Also they had a weak sexual relationship, because the thing planned for their life was to build a supporting friendship, not to be a husband and wife. Man, was a very good father for his daughter who was included to the plan later, because the thing planned for his life was him to succeed in becoming “a good dad”.

I worked with a lot of people sayin, “I’m in love with my son – daughter.” All of them are aware of the fact that their relationship with their children is deeper, meaning the roots date back to past. And all of them were, at least once, partners with beings who were their children. Now here, the reason why they come together again with a different role from the previous one is that they should proceed in the way of spiritual development as not partners but as mother-child or father-child.

Sometimes beings who were partners many times in their previous lives, revive again in same gender and establish close-supportive friendships.

Then what are these roles?
Firstly lets talk about the most ideal form of these roles.
Mother; carries, feeds, protects, raises, guides, is a model, contributes to growth, gives self-confidence.
Father; supports, contributes to growth, is a model, protects, helps the formation of adequacy feeling.
Siblings; support, contribute to growth.
Partner-lover: completes sexually and vitally, shares the life very closely and you walk the road together.
Friends; support, contributes to growth.

There are very few people who live their relatonships ideally as described above. Because none of us are ideal and perfect, just like our parents and siblings are not either. Then naturally our relationships progress far from ideal frame. Besides, the objective is to make progress on spiritual development path via new accepted roles.

Then, side roles, meaning people that joined the core family afterwards; step childs, the bride, the groom, sister in law, brother in law and the core family of the partner. A friend was telling me about the problems he was having with his step son. When I asked him, “Is there an unfinished business coming from your past lives, what do you say?”, he answered, “No, definitely not.” Refusing the his sons role in his ongoing life, he implied “It has nothing to do with me, I am right, he is wrong”. Thus he delays the situation that needs to be learned and left behind. However he can be a supportive friend-dad to this teenager who came with his second wife.

Specially we know how dense are the bride and mother-in-law discussions in our country. The young woman was aware of the fact that her relationship with his daughter was based on a special and dense past.  After she had had passed to the spiritual dimension, she undestood that the woman that she was in love with in her past life was now her daughter in her current life. And the women who didn’t approve her marriage in that life was now her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law was now claiming the grandchild and ignoring her bride. However, her role was to receive both her bride and grandchild with open arms.

Then why do we change our roles frequently?
Sometimes a role permeates deeply on a figure, we cant think of her/him in another role. We expect to see her/him in same roles. Sometimes a figure appears in an unexpected role, we can’t suit it to him/her. However some figures play all roles succesfully. Thats when we call them “good players”. What does it mean “to play well”, “to be successful”? If they make us believe, playing so real that makes us forget the previous role, we clap them. The secret of those figures is that they play their roles by internalizing them. And we become skilled in spiritual development path through new roles.

Sometimes a skilled person is given to a new figure who just started playing. We learn from that expert, are tought manners, and we develop and earn experience from them. Of course our teacher-master changes depending on the topic we are learning. Sometimes our mother-father, sometimes our partner, our friend, and sometimes a stranger to whom we asked the “path” while we were moving on one, becomes our teacher. Of course if we are eager to move on while learning and developing, we can live our whole life as a learning experience.

Past life therapy helps us to grasp ourselves and our relationships with deeper extent and helps us to understand our existance from a broader perspective. If we are not aware of what is going on with our lives and ourselves, we miss the opportunity to make any change we want in our lives. Thus to more our self awareness to ourselves and our lives increases, with more consciously choices we create our lives.

We should play our roles properly. People who are close or far from us, no matter how everyone that we are in a relationship play their roles, we must do our best to accomplish our own duty. We should ask the question to ourselves; “When the final moment of my life came and I looked back, what kind of life I wanted to live?” We should move on in this experience by being thankful for every moment and enjoying being alive.

Love and blessings,