One room could be in darkness for thousands of years but if would bring a light inside, darkness will disappear immediately.” Paramhansa Yogananda  
Diba gives Past Life Regression Therapy Training in Turkish. For more info please go to the Turkish page.   If you are interested in PLRT Training in English out of Turkey, more can be found about past life therapists, and “regression therapists” and between lives regression therapist on the website of the Spiritual Regression Therapy Association. More about “Past Life Regression Therapy Training”   Past Life Regression Therapy and Training  in English     Life between Lives Training in English are available from the Past Life Regression Academy.   You may also find more information about Diba Ayten Yilmaz and contact info.   Diba’s first book Journey to the Depth of the Soul has been published in Turkish in April 2011.   Diba has started to conduct the Past Life Regression Therapy Training as residential in Radianced Training Center in Kocaeli (100 km away from Istanbul). If you are interested joining this training, please contact with Diba.   Have a look at the Articles..   Please note that; these therapy works do not replace medical treatments