"Following DNA"

by Diba Ayten Yilmaz February 2007
This article is published in IARRT 2007 Journal


As we speculate about much of the mechanics of the reincarnation process we often wonder and actively search out clues as to the how, when, where, and why we incarnate. It seems that an important aspect of this search and research is the acceptance of the scientifically inclined. Yilmaz presents one recently discovered method of tracing and linking an incarnate client with her past lives using her DNA. She gets help with this from two world renowned organizations that do not yet know they are providing this help: National Geographic and IBM.


From the National Geographic Society (NGS) website:

The National Geographic Society, IBM, geneticist Spencer Wells, and the Waitt Family Foundation have launched the Genographic Project, a five-year effort to understand the human journey—where we came from and how we got to where we live today. This unprecedented effort will map humanity’s genetic journey through the ages.

Science currently posits that the origin of the human species was 60,000 years ago in Africa, and has since spread across the globe. As our species has expanded and traveled our DNA has changed and evolved via a process that science still does not fully understand.

How did this simple origin 60,000 years ago spawn so many different colors and physical features? It is believed that the whole story is written clearly in our genes, but we do not, as yet, have the key or clarity necessary to see that message.

Science knows that the majority of our DNA has remained unchanged. The minority portion contains “markers” associated with different populations. Studying these markers, geneticists have developed a tree like structure with each “marker” a sort of limb on the tree. They are building an atlas of sorts that charts the ancient migration of populations across the world using this DNA evidence.

As the world seems to grow smaller genetically, due to the melting pot effect, it is becoming more difficult to collect, analyze, and map this atlas of genetics. There are still pockets of isolated populations and groups who have not been analyzed to determine where they fit in the migration story. Time is running out before their genetic history is lost.

This project by NGS, IBM, and others hopes to collect enough DNA samples to allow charting this migration across the continents.

Individuals are encouraged to add their DNA to the project via a simple kit purchased on the NGS web site. After the sample has been analyzed, the results are made available for the donor to view.

It was through these results that the significance of my client’s experience became known. She had sent her DNA sample to the Genographic Project of National Geographic in November 2005. The results received in February 2006 showed that her genetic map goes through St. Petersburg.

The Case

The case story of my client S.A. became special when we saw the Genographic Project results of her DNA!

S.A. is a 40 years old woman and my other 2 clients advised her to come and see me by suggesting that she might benefit from regression therapy.

She came to my office on 6th of September 2006. She is a divorced woman and did not have any long term healthy relationships with any of her partners after the divorce.

Her goals for past-life therapy were developing her awareness in life and understanding her life purpose. She was saying that “I’m sure that I can do something for the community but I don’t know what.”

The Journey Begins

At the first meeting she mentioned that she had an attraction to Russia since childhood. With her words; “I used to think that I was Russian. I was saying that “my name is Olga”. When I saw any documentary on TV about Siberia I used to get excited.”

She traveled to St. Petersburg in September 2005 for a vacation by saying to her friends “I’m sure that I will find myself there!” When she was traveling in a village road toward Catherine’s Palace in St. Petersburg she felt a strong and sudden feeling and started to cry. When the bus passed by the Pushkin village she made the bus driver stop and went out from the bus by crying. She had said to her friends on the bus “this is my village.”

I regressed her to a past life. Then she was drawn to a country which has the strongest charge for her.

S.A. found herself as an old woman in a village. She was wearing hand made leather shoes and some clothes to protect her from the cold weather. Even though at that moment my office was warm enough, she mentioned several times during the session that the weather was cold. She was living in a tent and vividly described the forest, the land, and even the grass.

When she regressed to her earlier days in that life she was 20 years old and in her own wedding ceremony. She said that it was Siberia and gave all the details about her dress, her husband, and her feelings and thoughts. We both were not surprised that she found herself in Russia because of her previous experiences on the tour bus in Russia.

The Second Journey

She came to me for a second session on 4th November 2006. She had been aware that she was “too polite” and having some problems in her work place. These were the issues she wished to address.

She found herself as a young and healthy 20 year old girl in a small village and she said “here is Lappland, I don’t know where it is but it is a cold Northern country like Finland.” She described herself and her friends in great detail. She had white skin and red cheeks. She was wearing wooden open shoes, a curled hat, white shirt, and red apron.

She was carrying water in wooden buckets to her house.

According to her description she had a simple and natural life there. During the night it was lighted indicating that it was the long days of far north countries.

One day soldiers with grey uniforms who spoke another language came and attacked the village killing all the village people, including her. After she left her body she saw the foreign soldiers were shouting out angrily around and her last impressions were “we were just 15-20 people living such simple lives, what a pity.”

When the session was finished her overall findings for her as a life purpose included “contributing to the upward evolution of humanity” and “spreading the peace seeds” by being understanding and merciful.

Amazing Match

After this session we both wanted to know where is Lappland and does it even exist?

The day after her second session she went back to her office and talked with her friend about that last session. Her friend was excited too and there developed two questions they wanted the answers to: 1) Where was this area called Lappland and 2) who were the foreign soldiers who massacred the entire village. They decided to search on the Internet.

The search revealed there was an area called Lappland – in Sweden!

The second question about the foreign soldiers also yielded validating information! German soldiers had killed all the people in the small villages in Lappland in the later part of World War II.

Inspired by her findings S.A. also searched for a specific date, “5th August.” It seemed that on that date she had some tragic things occur in her current life. Her search found that the village people from Ajaba in Lappland were murdered on 5th August 1945.

The Mystery of DNA

That night, she checked once again her Genographic Project results on the National Geographic web site (the NG follows and updates the DNA journey results) and saw that her DNA heritage goes to Lappland!

She came to my office 5 weeks after her last session and informed me about the Genographic Project and the results. I was surprised so much even though I know that DNA is a mysterious part of a human being. You can see her DNA Map, Figure 1, at the end of this article. The red line on the map indicates her DNA lineage.

Based on her regression experience and the NG DNA work we now have a possible explanation of one of the mechanisms of reincarnation; that is we incarnate into the same families and groups in several or many life times.

Another possibility is; we carry our DNA in our psyche from one incarnation to another. This may explain having so similar facial features in many lives, independent from being a man or woman. In all of my own past life experiences I saw that my facial features were surprisingly similar to my current life even though I had various bodies!

Research Possibilities

If we had the DNA sample of Marilyn Monroe, now it would be possible to compare it with Sherrie Lea Laird’s DNA!

As you may know, after Albert Einstein’s death, his brain was removed by Dr. Thomas S. Harvey a pathologist from the Princeton Hospital. If we could find who the living incarnation of Albert Einstein is, it would be possible to check the DNA of both and check for a match!

Today I know my past lives in all parts of Europe, India, Egypt, Atlantis, South America, China, and Japan. Based on my experience with my client, S.A., I have decided to send my own DNA sample to NG and I will wait for the results with excitement.

If you would like to trace your DNA lineage and take part in this important project, please visit the National Geographic Genographic Project web site. The site URL is: