"Free Will and Law of Attraction"

Diba Ayten Yılmaz (17.07.2006)

Translated from Turkish to English by Dogan Cetin

“So I chose them, this emotionless, abusive mum and dad? You must be out of your mind, who wants this kind of parents?”

“Okay then I admit that I chose my ex wife but my eyes were blinded by love at that time, how could I know that he would start beating and abusing?”

You can hear these answers if you ask the question, “You build up your life with your free will” to someone who chose to see himself as a victim.

The first thing we heard that annoys us is actually the way out/escape key of that situation.

“As I created this unpleasant situation, then I also can create a new one.”

The most important thing here is to see how we created our lives down to the simplest detail!!

If we consider the previous example, the most important stage is to recognize how we chose the partner who started beating and abusing afterwards. Thus we can get to the next stage, which is the choice/creation of a loving, supportive, satisfying and complementary partner. Of course we can adapt this example to various areas of our lives. Like a job that we can’t express ourselves or continuously bothering friend relationships.

Every moment we make choices. Like catching or missing a bus by walking a little faster or slower, choosing a clothe that really suits you at a store or choosing a clothe that makes you look sexy while you are disturbed by sexual approaches of other people.

Lets look at the famous “Attraction Law” now. We get back the energy that we sent to universe, meaning our environment. While saying, “I don’t have any luck”, “I never laughed”, “All unkind people find me”, what we are doing is exactly shaping ourselves/our lives. We send messages to the universe with every one of our emotions, thoughts and actions that belongs to our lives and ourselves, thus what we did is exactly to say; “I want this.” We live the consequences of our beliefs no matter how limiting and fearful they are.

We choose others to choose for us when we choose to not make choices! We create our own reality with every little step we take.

We live the consequences of our choices not only in earth but also in spiritual world. But of course in the direction of the wholeness/ completeness of our Karma!

Our previous choices affect and determine the following ones.

I’ve read a true story a while ago. Two boys grew up with parents that treated them badly. When they became adults, one of them was imprisoned and the other one became a very successful man. When they were asked: “How did you end up like this?” Their answers were the same; “I had no other options in that circumstances!”

Yeah we don’t have unlimited options but the universe gives us the chance to make two choices which are a “divine will” compatible choice and a choice that is made by our fears. Like in the example above, physical conditions of two youngsters had the same limits but included two different choices.

Making a conscious choice is to know that every choice has a consequence. By taking the responsibilities of our life and our choices, we can create a new, different reality that its consequences will make us happy.

We can re-create our life just like in a way that we wanted just by raising our personal awareness!

With love and gratitude,