"Interview with Diba"

The Interview with Diba Ayten Yılmaz – 09th July  2016

Translated by Aysegul Sevil and Diba Ayten Yilmaz from Turkish to English

Regression Therapy sheds light to Past Lives

In order for you to have in-depth information regarding Regression Therapy, I conducted an interview with one of Turkey’s leading Regression therapists, Diba Ayten Yilmaz, concerning this therapy method.

Interview with – Diba Ayten Yilmaz-  interviewer: Deniz Cayir

What is Regression Therapy?

Question: What is Regression Therapy? Can Regression Therapy be applied to everyone?

Answer: The simplest definition of Regression Therapy is: resolving a problem, an issue by going back to its source. Although some problems in the present life may seem to originate from childhood experiences, they also are related to a past life event. Regression Therapy is also an effective and powerful work regarding issues and problems concerning current life experiences.

Some topics where Regression Therapy might be applied are: communication issues, fears, phobias, all sorts of relationship issues, health issues, spiritual and psychological issues, feeling stuck in the life-path, and many more. The important thing is that Regression Therapy should be applied by a trained, competent and qualified professional. Minority of people are not suitable to join a Regression Therapy session. It is difficult to work with people who are unable to reach their subconscious, who are not able to get into trance, or not possible to be regressed.

We are unable to work with individuals who are psychologically imbalanced, people with strong ego barriers, who take particular kinds of anti-depressants and pregnant women. Additionally if the person is not ready to confront with own-self, he/she is not able to be regressed. Especially in a Regression Session with me the client confronts himself/herself and starts to see his/her own faults. People who are ready for this can move forward easier.

Q: Does the person need to believe in re-incarnation in order to join a Regression Therapy session?

A: No, it is not necessary, but people who have very strict belief systems are not able to remember and sometime they block their own subconscious. In this case it is not possible to have an efficient therapy session with them.

Q: What are the most common issues of people who come to you to get the therapy?

A: The most common issues are relationship problems, work related or carrier based issues, lack of self-confidence and self-love.

Q: What is the difference of Regression Therapy, compared to other therapy modalities?

A: In Regression Therapy I work directly with the subconscious and do resolutions at that level. When the subconscious root of the traumatic events are resolved, there is improvement in the flow of that person’s life. Just knowing or being aware of a problem is not enough for healing, we need to resolve it as well. When regression therapy is applied properly it creates a positive difference in the person’s life.

Q: How does a typical Regression Therapy session work?

A: First we do an interview with the client. The client talks about the issues he/she is dealing with. Then decides which issue has the priority to be resolved. After the interview he/she goes into trance to discover a past life or current life root of the problem. After the discovery or the remembering of the past events we move on to resolution part of the therapy session.

Q: What is the trance induction method you use? How is trance different than hypnosis?

A: Actually we are under trance in every moment. The skill is to manage to be in the moment and to be awake. We are already under the influence of our past and we live disconnected from the moment. The statistical information that scientists offer are also congruent with this. During my work I don’t apply a specific trance induction method. I simply offer some sentences which will facilitate remembering relevant memories. I do not use hypnosis, there is no need and I don’t prefer. Clients remember a past memory without being disconnected from the moment. They don’t lose their consciousness and are fully aware of where they are during the session. And after the session they remember everything which means that they are consciously aware of what we have resolved during the session. I prefer working that way.

Q: Can Regression Therapy be applied to children?

A: Yes, but it can only be applied by the therapists who had necessary training. Regression with children is a totally different field, there are different application methods compared to adults.

Q: How does Regression Therapy work influence the life of a person? After taking the regression therapy, what is the rate of transformation in a person’s life directly proportional to? Who are most open to healing?

A: In the light of my eleven years of experience I can say that the most influential factor of a person’s level of transformation is the “level of realisation”. Positive changes begin in the lives of those who, in the resolution stage of my work, have come to a realisation in the depth of their subconscious, of what needs to change and improve in their life. People who are most open to healing are those who have sincere, truthful and honest intention for transformation and courageous enough to dive into their own darkness and resolve it.

Q: Where are our past life records stored? How does the client reach into those records?

A: All the traumas that we experience occupy a certain place in our energy field, in our subconscious and also in our body. During the therapy session the client remembers the traces of past memories in their own body, related to the issue can be identified, and the relevant memories begin to be remembered.

Q: When a past-life is healed, what kind of positive impacts can possibly be experienced in the current life? Can you give an example?

A: An experience in the past creates a negative imprint in the energy field, in the body and subconscious. And those imprints cause deformation in those areas in the current life. Just like a virus corrupting the files in a computer. When the records from the past are resolved the problem in the current life also be resolved. As an example; through a good session, when memories of a person who has died in the past life because of a trauma to the head are transformed, the headaches in the current life can be diminished or gone completely.

Q: Why do we seek the reasons of a current life issue in a past life?

A: If the root of an issue is hidden in a past life trauma, regressing to that event and resolving it leads to a true and permanent healing. This is the exact point where Regression Therapy makes a difference from some other therapeutic approaches.

Q: Are there always direct relevances between the issue of the client which lead him/her to seek therapy with you and the past life that they have been regressed?

A: Almost all sessions are experienced in that way in my work.

Q: Aside from being one of the foremost Regression Therapists in Turkey, you also give Regression Therapy Trainings in your school. You are quite selective as to who will attend those trainings. In your opinion who are suitable to be a Regression Therapists and to attend your trainings?

A: We have started a new Training process in our school, trainees initially go through a preparation process. That is, they experience being a client first and they work on their own issues. I prefer candidates who have deep spiritual perception and high spiritual IQ and also have clean and good intention in their spiritual journey.

Q: Who is Diba Ayten Yilmaz? How did you receive your qualification as a Regression Therapist and Trainer?

A: I have studied Mechanical Engineering in the university, and I worked in the engineering field for about five years. After that, I concentrated mostly on understanding the human soul, which was my interest since childhood. I started the journey focusing on myself first and attended personal development group workshops. I started with Reiki and attended life coaching trainings and finally I came across Regression Therapy in the year 2005. I attended the Regression Therapy training at PLR Academy in England, completed my training and received my diploma. My trainer in the Academy, Andy Tomlinson came to Istanbul to give Regression Therapy Trainings and I was the Assistant Trainer and supervisor in these training workshops. During that process Andy encouraged me to continue giving the Regression Therapy Trainings in Turkey. This is how I started to give Regression Trainings in Radianced School alongside Regression Therapy sessions. Our trainings in the Radianced School have been certified by three different international associations which are PLRA, EARTH and IBRT.

Deniz Cayir: I offer my sincere thanks to dear Mrs. Diba Ayten Yilmaz for this valuable interview and hope that it will bring light to those who are on “the Path”.

Interview by: Deniz Çayır