"Intrusive Energy"

By Di Griffiths and Andy Tomlinson (19.05.2006)

Heather considered herself to be in good health. She was an energetic woman who held down a ‘day job’ as well as working as a Reflexologist, a Shiatsu practitioner and healer. But she felt there was something not quite right and could not put her finger on what it was.

As the therapist scanned Heather’s energy field, Heather became aware of an area around her lower body that felt different. As she focusing on the energy around that part of her body the thought, ‘Baby’ came into her mind. Baby talked through Heather’s voice to the therapist and through the dialogue it turned out that he had been very distressed to discover that his life had been cut short before it had properly started. Baby had been so desperate to experience the earth plane he didn’t go into the light, and was drawn to Heather because she was warm and loving and was having thoughts about having her own baby. The therapist invited a nanny from one of the nurseries in the spirit world to join them. Baby was shown how warm and loving a nanny could be and how she would take care of him until it was time to incarnate into his own body. Baby left Heather’s energy system willingly. A week after the session Heather said she felt that “Something had been put to rest” and had a wonderful feeling of inner peace. In fact she couldn’t stop smiling!

What had happened was that Heather had discovered a spirit attachment and the therapist had explored the reasons for its presence. Unlike a number of orthodox religions that are confrontational, the spirit attachment was shown the same concern as the client. What this case demonstrates is how they will respond to loving and compassionate treatment.

What is an Spirit Attachment?

The experiences of people who have had near death encounters supports the writings in many of the world religions over the ages that energy leaves our physical body at death and goes to the spirit realms. This energy contains our thoughts and emotions at death. Its ultimate aim is to return to the soul from where it originated. If after the death of the physical body this has not been followed for some reason the energy remains ‘earthbound’. Sometimes called a ghost it can wander lost in a dimension in which space and time are non-existent in the sense that we know them. Often it repeats the actions it had at death as if they were locked in an endless cycle of repetition. Sometimes it may stay with their own dead body, or stay by a familiar building, or attach itself to other people. It is not spiritually condemned, but has just missed its rightful path.

Sometimes spirits stay earth bound because they are not aware that their physical body is dead, which is often the case with a sudden death in accidents, battles or war. Alternatively they may remain attracted to a close loved one, or wish to remain earthbound because the pull of the material world is too strong to leave. Often a spirit will enter a living body for comfort or to hide. It is possible to talk to these spirit attachments through the voice box of the host. Questioning these attachments will often identify they are seeking some type of benefit for themselves, unaware that their presence may be detrimental to the host.

After death lost spirits continue to play the tape of their emotions or body awareness at the point of their own death. They can be attracted to people with similar emotional complexes in a form of a psychic resonance. It can be a particular desire such as violence, suffering or addiction with drink or drugs. They may identify with a particular emotion such as anger, depression or guilt. Sometimes they may just want companionship and they are drawn to the compassion of the host. Normally people are protected from these spirits attaching themselves like white blood cells protect the body from viruses. However when these defences are down people are vulnerable. This may be during a stay in hospital, a serious illness or times of intense emotional distress.

Sarah slowly struggled into the therapy room with the aid of crutches. She had been a psychologist who also looked after a family until her health had started to deteriorate. “I don’t know really why I’m here” she said, “I’ve always been low in energy but now it seems worse”. Sarah was invited to lie down as her energy field was scanned. She noticed around her head and chest a sensation of being wrapped up. The therapist directed her focus to her chest and Sarah suddenly said the name “Jonathan”. Further dialogue brought no response until the therapist asked what name would be needed for a response. The answer was “J… O… N….Jon, she knows me, I’m always here”. Jon was regressed to his last moments in his own body, and remembered screaming inside his head in desperation as he choked on a tie that he had used to hang himself. “That was wrong, I don’t want to go, I want to be in her body”. Jon had been attracted to Sarah at a time when she was a lonely young girl being abused by her mother. He was reluctant to leave even to meet loving family members from his previous life. He was regressed to the point in his life when he first felt lonely. Sitting at a table with his feet up, he was sad and confused after hearing the news that his lover called Tessa had left him and remembered thinking how much he loved her. “Should I go” Jon said spontaneously. Jon’s hold on Sarah had weakened and he was directed to meet Tessa in the light. As Jon left, Sarah commented “It was just like my middle has been scooped out of body. I felt very congested when I came for therapy and now its cleared. Jon went once before but came back”. She was referring to a time she had experimented with an exorcism several years ago. This time Jon had been directed to the light willingly and did not return.

The Effects of Some Spirit Attachments

Spirit attachment is quite common and can be diagnosed and successfully treated. Unexplainable fatigue, depression, additions, anxiety, sudden mood changes and somatic symptoms can often be traced to a spirit attachment.

Mary was a 37 year old Interior Designer and a mum. Since she was a child, Mary had had problems with food, hardly ever wanting to eat, she had recently lost a stone in weight. Other symptoms Mary was experiencing were headaches, lethargy, sugar cravings, irritability and low energy. After releasing an entity that had been with her for seven years Mary reported she felt absolutely wonderful and extremely energetic. Her appetite picked up immediately and she started eating well.

Simon, a consultant for a large bank was very upset about his sister dying of cancer a week previously and was not looking forward to the funeral service. Two weeks after releasing his entity Simon reported feeling totally at peace with himself.

Polly was an active 35 year old sports woman whose job involved research. When an opportunity came to travel to America to present her research she had reluctantly turned it down because of “sheer fear and panic” at travelling. This was unexplainable for Polly because she had spent part of her youth backpacking round the world. She had also recently turned down a full time position as a lecturer at her local university because of feelings of terror. Two weeks after releasing five entities in an excited phone call Polly recalled that her difficulty sleeping and feeling terror had gone and she was now starting her new university job the following day.

Intrusive Energy Therapy does not resolve all of a client’s problems and other therapies will be needed for any remaining symptoms that truly belong to the client. However it is a therapeutic approach that can accomplish a lot in one session.

Diba’s note: My Past Life Regression Therapy Training by Andy Tomlinson in UK is included Intrusive Energy Therapy Training too.