"Make Peace With Your Body"

Diba Ayten Yilmaz (22.11.2007)

Translated from Turkish to English by Dogan Cetin

While we are coming here to experience humanity, we meet with a perfect organism. Our body; a fabulous system, a design masterpiece! Designed to work perfectly to its simplest detail, an organism that still keep its secrets for thousands of years.

Sometimes after birth, sometimes within years, some situations called “disease” come up. A disease, notifies that something is breaking down in our body and is not working like it used to, and that’s scary.

Every situation that doesn’t go well in our body and called “a disease” is a message from our body to us. Probably it is trying to tell us that something emotional-spiritual-physical is not going well in our lives, that we are doing some things wrong and incomplete.

A message can come to someone, a person with continuous negative thoughts and worries, via his/her gastric: “I can’t balance this amount of acid; I’ve to throw it out” , it may say.
The body of a person, one that falls into desserts-chocolate for her/his love needs, starts to give out signals to warn her/him. Like a change in the blood sugar level, pimples in the skin, overgreasy skin.

The liver of a person, someone who can’t fight with things that doesn’t go well in her/his life and tries to suppress them by drinking alcohol, can’t resist anymore and starts to give out signals. Those signals are the “S.O.S.” screams of the liver. Our liver, our energy storage, is probably saying that “If you continue sending me alcohol, I won’t be able to do my job anymore and will fail”.

Blood pressure of a person, one continuously goes through inner tension, may result in high results. As the pills taken in the morning seems to balance the blood pressure for that day, if the person does not do anything to solve the source of the situation, meaning “Inner tension”, he/she will be imprisoned to those medicines for the rest of her/his life.
And those medicines continue to harm the healthy parts of our body. For years doctors state that one of the most important causes of liver cancer is taking too many medicines.

If we get the message and start to balance the situation our body might stop sending out that message.
Of course; not only all of have different bodies but also formation of these messages and their contents are different. Namely one body could be handling with the stress, one body may give out gastric burn signals under stress, while another may give headaches. What is important here is that to understand the deep meaning of that message; and for that we have to look inside of us and try to understand what’s going on deep inside of our egos.

And if we understand our bodies messages, it means that the road that goes to our healing is now cleared.
Since all diseases have psychological reasons, we better change the definitions of disease.


There are some cases reflected to the press, in which people “heal” themselves, where the cases were considered as “definitely no cure”, by awaking their inner power and solving their spiritual conflicts. Those cases would probably be heavy cases like cancer and AIDS.

In her book “You Can Heal Your Life”, Louise Hay talks about her psychological-emotional “letting go” and “forgiving” studies. If we look at the psychological reason of cancer in her book it says: “burying the hate inside”. Meaning that a person who buries inside the hate he/she feels against someone else for a long time, he/she has a high probability of cancer risk. Louise wrote that she still keeps the results of her tests to remember how a human can become a being who creates negativity on its body. Louise beats the cancer completely and is now close to 90 years of age.

While I was reading this book of Louise Lay’s in 1998, I was diagnosed as hypoglycemia meaning the “disease” of low blood-sugar level. When my doctor found out that my mother was a diabetic, he said “you too, definitely will become a diabetic, this is the beginning”. I remember I was angry at that moment. From the inside I said, “No, I’m gonna change this.”
In the diabetes section of the book it wrote “Life has lost its meaning”. With this era, when my body had been through physical collapsing, I started to get what’s going on in my interior world. Transformation started after getting the message.
Yes, something was not right. Both emotionally and physically. I wasn’t paying attention to my nutrition and lifes’ taste was gone! That was a period when I started contacting with my body, acquiring its messages and taking care of its needs. I started applying my doctor’s diet with German discipline and got closer with my inner world. And after 6 months when I went for my control my doctor asked, “You look great and your test results are good. I always give the same diet and say the same things to my other patients, what did you do differently?”
Besides looking into myself, my soul, one other important thing that I did was that I, from the inside, rejected the negative things that my doctor said. Yes, some parts of our bodies may be weak because of the genetic heritage that we take from our parents. But its wrong to accept it as ‘unchangeable’ or ‘cannot be changeable’! With our free will we can shape both our body and our life.

The subtitle of the French author Michel Odoul’s book, “Dis-moi où tu as mal, je te dirai pourquoi, (Tell me where it hurts, and I’ll tell you why)”, briefly sums up the topic; “Screams of our body are the messages of our soul.”
In his book Michel examines mental-spiritual connections concerning from point finger to digestive system, to hair, almost every part of our body.
Odoul, relates his proposals with traditional Chinese Medicine.

Two german authors, in their book called “Krankheit als Weg (The Healing Power of Illness)” which they prepared together; “deal with illness and recovering (healing) period in a detailed way.” Thorwald suggests “Instead of getting angry to the sign of illness and trying to remove them; we should look deep into the signs to see what they are referring to.”
Modern medicine tries to avoid the signs with drugs, pills etc. So they tell you to take them everyday, for clearing the signs away. But the reason that creates that “illness”, always lies down  there. In cancer treatments, the parts that have the cancer are cleared, but as long as that amount of anger, which may cause cancer again, stays inside, the cancer may come up again.
Medical supplies are a subject to an investigation all by itself. As soon as the side effects show up you may regret taking them. They are given to heal some part of our body but they may hurt some other parts. When you go to a doctor and he/she didn’t write you a medicine, it feels like he/she didn’t do his/her job completely. People who think “This is the only truth, there is no other solution” fill their body with unnecessary medicine that they don’t know anything about. Many peoples’ bodies and homes became a medicine garbage.


It may have caught you attention; private hospitals and medicine companies use mass advertisements. They advertise a new illness in their commertials. These stimulating commertials may easily evoke a “I should better see a doctor” feeling in a person. These types of advertisements are a potential artificial illness creators.

Last one that caught my attention was the one from an eye hospital. “Look at this picture, if these things are happening to you, see an eye doctor immediately.” After seeing that advertisement I guess most of the people thought “My eyes are definitely not ok, I should see a doctor.”
These kinds of commertials can make someone paranoiac about his/her health.

I also suggest you to read the book “Selling Sickness” by Ray Moynihan and Alan Cassels,  about this topic. In this book, plans of “Medicine giants to make all of us ill and sell medicine also to healthy people” are discussed in detail.
Since human beings existed, menopause is described as, a “natural” process that every women goes through. However, lately it has been defined as “An illness that should be cured”. We can read from this book; how similar natural processes are defined as illnesses and they are advertised, how firms and celebrities cooperate in this manner, including examples.

Doctor Robert Mendelsohn criticise modern medicine from the “inside”, in his book “Confessions of A Medical Heretic”. In his book, Mendelsohn talks about how diagnosis purposed  X-Ray applications hurt the body, the degeneracy in the marketing relationship between medicine companies and doctors, what unnecessary surgeries have caused.
While reading it is possible to see the real side of modern medicine.

None of our bodies are perfect. Whenever we make tests some values may be out of “normal” interval. As a matter of fact medicine experts decide on these normal values and in time they may say “Oh sorry, we’ve made a miscalculation there, this is actually the normal one.” For a value that is out of normal interval, does not mean that it certainly requires a medical examination. But without doubt it’s wrong to ignore the intervention of modern medicine. Although the psychological effects of the illness are understood, there may be situations in which medical intervention is necessary for recovery. Especially medical intervention aimed towards kids and surgical operations in cases like accidents and injuries can be the only solution.

Our job is to understand the messages of our body while keeping in touch with it. To behave and feed it with love and respect. Looking inside of us and understand what’s wrong with it.
Since noticing is the first necessary step to make a change, first understanding then deciding on what-how to do, we can understand how we can achieve the change we want.

With Love and Blessings