"Spiritual Transformation"

Diba Ayten Yilmaz (17.12.2006)

Translated from Turkish to English by Dogan Cetin

A beach lying as far as the eye could reach.. Golden sand shining with sunshine..
A blue-green sea.. Attractive.. Few large rocks on the beach..
There is a life there…

Every formation, every creation, every energy have a vibration.. Vibration means life..
The vibration and the movement capability of water is high..
The vibration and the movement capability of a stone is low..

What about emotions? Sadness, fear, despair; what do you think, are they high or low vibrating emotions? What about love, kindness, joy, tolerance, trust? In which of these emotions do you feel more “alive” when you have it?

A low vibrating thing can be loosened by high vibration. Some painful memories are in a situation of being woven by low energies, just like a stone and it is possible to loosen them with high energies like water and love.

Many people say, “I’ve been studying energy for many years now, reading about spiritual stuff, working on related things but there are still some things that doesn’t go well in my life.” Some advisees of mine who say, “I’ ve been thinking about spiritual topics for years”, are surprised during the study of past life therapy. Here at this point lets look at the difference between “knowing” and deeply “understanding”. In other words the difference between mental perception and reaching spiritual depth.

Just like the difference between eating an apple that you bought from a market and keeping till it goes sour. When you eat an apple, it first goes to our gastric and decomposes there, then it goes to our intestines for the dissolution of the necessary chemicals for our body.
And finally when the digestion is over the remaining will be thrown out of the body.

Furthermore there is the choice of keeping the apple in a cup till it goes sour. This choice is just like receiving Reiki practice but not giving Reiki to yourself. At the dissolution phase of the apple, the useful vitamins that are decomposed to spread to the needing parts of the body, just like healing energy spreads while receiving Reiki. And at that moment we internalize Reiki just like we did with the apple.

While reading spiritual/personal development articles some people say, “Look, the things told here is just defines my mother/my friend Ayse”. However there is always a message for each of us in each article. In fact, we recieve that belonging message in a subconscious level. At this time personal awareness comes into play. The ones who are aware of themselves and are open to themselves can accept the perfection of his karma and existance then continues improving.

Then, why is it not easy to accept ourselves just like the way we are? Some deepness fear, some lazyness and runing away from responsibilities. Yet our reality is right here inside of us, closer than we expect!

We think we can manage ourselves/others by passing over easily. First, lets explain ourselves and our friends how we trick ourselves, and then lets explain how we try trick them! And lets laugh when we understood that they had never believed, such that the people at next table would stare at us. As we could never tricked ourselves in whole history!

Lets take a big step at our road that goes to our own reality and start to ask ourselves:
“What do I feel while reading all this?”
“How does the deepness of my ego react to the things I read in the book I’ve just started?”
“What does this improper situation/person is telling me?”
“What did I gain after resisting to, running away from the things about myself? (Tomorrow, you better ask yourself the things you lost?)

Now lets take a deep breath while answering and breathe in the answers, and let the breath go down to lower part of our stomach. In this way we can understand if we passed over the answers by our minds or reached the equal in the deepness of our souls.

By refusing our sides that we dislike, we also turn our back on our positive sides. However we can choose to change/go through a transformation while knowing and accepting our both sides.
“Every rose has its thorn and I love it that way”

How could we enjoy sun if there were no darkness?

Lets breathe in our own reality, because it is ours, lay claim to!

Peace and calmness replace resistance after accepting, and then the harmonic flow that is similar with the fabulous energy of the universe begins. And we start to experience high frequency emotions. Love, peace, tolerance, perception (understanding) and feeling safe. Just the thought itself is wonderful right?

With love and blessings