"Traces of the Past"

Diba Ayten Yılmaz (28th  January 2008)

Translated by Dogan Cetin from Turkish to English

In todays world where spiritual energies are pouring intensively into, many people are under the pressure of evolution. They want to clear  karmas instantly and to evolve, meaning to improve themselves spiritually. Lately I’ve been hearing this sentence a lot: “Let this be my last life, I must clear  all my karmas immediately and never return to this world.”
Many people who want their karma cleared; want it to be processed unpainful, easily and want it to be done without doing anything if possible. Wouldn’t it be good if it was solved with a magic touch! We need each other in life path and as well as there are many things we could do for each other, there are also things to do and accomplish by taking our personal responsibilities. And we should remember that the most basic element of spiritual development is to learn. Because our karmas are shaped in our previous lives, going there in order to clear-solve things is one of the deepest studies.

Rejecting past means rejecting the most important part of our existence. The way to deeply understand and acquire the complex structure that comes from the past, the structure we are thinking as “I (Me) today”, passes through looking our past. If its tracks are not transformed, the past continues to mask and curtain our present day and dispirits the moment.

Many people avoid, even fear, doing studies about their previous lives. Some of them fear that their painful memories will revive. However the pain felt is very less when you pass to the previous life, because only the trace is remembered. And some other fear that the things that they have carefully hidden will come into the open. Moreover, “I’m a good person today anyways, doing good things, is it necessary to remember old bad days?”, they ask. “Past is past anyways, and isn’t the solution at present time?” Furthermore if they are dealing with spiritual topics nowadays, their spiritual ego may have developed and they may say “I have overcome everything, forgiven everyone.”

The most basic fear is the revival of the sides that are (thought to be) left in the dark, meaning the shadow and disliked sides. Thats when the mask personality, meaning ego, may dissolve. That diligently shaped fake look may be spoiled. And thats why people continue to hide their dark sides.

However the the dark sides that are thought be left behind follows us for years, permeates on us, stays as a mark on our energy field. Our shadow belongs to us but it’s not easy to face with it. These shadows and marks don’t just disappear by ignoring them. It’s like an enemy who is stealhtily watching us. Follows (tracks down), directs and reminds itself whenever it gets a chance. There is no peace if you don’t work on those marks and shadows.

We can’t get over our fears by fearing; we can only accomplish it by trying to understand them. It’s not that scary for a person to face with his/her shadow and fears. If we cast some light on that shadow and change the traces permenantly, we will become comforted and find inner peace.
The man met with his “inner tyrant” which he brought from his previous life and understood how that tyrant was deprived of love and light. And together they passed into the source of light. He noticed how “The Tyrant” started to shine in the light. And after embracing with it he went through an inner integration and came loose, got rid of being “I (me)” and was enlightened. And when the session was over he felt light, happy, serenity and couldn’t stop laughing. Isn’t it the enlightment that everyone is after; to surpass yourself, getting rid of “I (me)” and finding the light!

Its written that the Almighty Buda saw more than his 900 previous lives in one night when he was enlightened. Some of them dark, some of them bright. All his previous lives became luminous on the day he was enlightened.

Working with shadows and traces that come from past, understanding them, means to understand what we need in order to come loose and change them.
Firstly those memories need to be brought into the open; that’s when they become understandable and solvable.
As long as we change shadows and traces we become  whole and start to achieve our real “I (me)”. The dense energy spent for hiding and surpassing those shadows and traces for hundreds and thousands of years, is now can be used to find ourselves! Our “self (core)” is the “I(me)” that is one with the “Creator” and also a piece of his. As long as we clear our traces and shadows our self(core) comes into the open. One might have read or write tens or hundreds of books about personal-spiritual development, but if he haven’t faced with his own reality, he is missing the most important details about ownself.

Reaching deeps of our soul is a special experience that can not be told in any book. Because every article-book tells the experiences of the author. Yet we can reach the most special book of the world by deepening in ourselves! This is a meeting where all bluffs and lies are over. At that moment true beauty replaces artificial and synthetic images.
Even the truth is painful, it is the gate that opens to the healing. One finds inner serenity, peace, himself and his ‘self (core)’ only if he passes through that door.
Meeting our shadow, making peace with it, bringing it to the light is an imcomperable joy. Being complete and whole!

From the inside you might be asking, “How come confronting dark sides, supressed and hidden negative things can give inner peace?” Getting rid of the burden and trace of a shadow that has been ongoing for tens of years, without doubt, brings lightness and peace. Every shadow and every trace includes an emotion. And even if the things done in the past are wrong, they always have a reason and what we have learned from it is important. The way we shape our future as we want it, passes through changing the thinking-behaving forms that we learned in the past. Otherwise the past would repeat itself. We would keep repeating same mistakes and unnecessary things.

A women went to her previous life where she was strong and an intriguer. At first she didn’t like encountering that side of hers. Then she understood she was secretly carrying same traces in her present life. Making peace with her shadow, in her present life, she started to express herself clearer instead of being a carrier of anger. She was not impulsive anymore and started to help people change their impulsive behaviors.

With the help of this journey to our past, we get to know ourselves better, understand ourselves deeper. And this helps us to be more polite and kind against other people.
Of course the most important part is that we are able to change the disturbing and disquieting shadow and its traces in the direction of our spiritual development. By this way our gifts that come from past, just like our creative sides like being a healer, comes up into the surface.

Darkness and light were always there. And these two forces were always in a battle. If we want our ego and life to be filled with light, first we have to put some light on the darkness inside us. As long as we make more room for the light inside us, we will start noticing the decrease in inner conflicts and its replacement by serenity and calmness.

Love and blessings,